The Peking University School of Transnational Law

The Peking University School of Transnational Law ("STL") is the first law school in mainland China to provide its students with an educational program modeled on the form of legal education prevalent in the United States, the "Juris Doctor" or J.D.

Opened in 2008, STL is located on Peking University's only branch campus, in the city of Shenzhen, adjacent to Hong Kong.  

STL's first class comprised 53 students, all from mainland China.  An additional 60 students began their studies in 2009, an additional 73 in 2010 and an addition 76 in 2011.

STL is led by Jeffrey S. Lehman (the former President of Cornell University and former Dean of the University of MIchigan Law School) and Stephen T. Yandle (the former Associate Dean of the Yale Law School).  

Students at STL must have completed undergraduate studies in a subject other than law and must be prepared to undertake legal studies in the English language.  At STL, they pursue a four-year dual degree program leading to an English-language Juris Doctor degree and a Chinese-language Juris Master degree.

The Juris Doctor program emphasizes the development both of substantive knowledge of the transnational legal system (with emphasis on the common law as it has evolved in the United States) and of intellectual and professional skills.  The latter goal is pursued through educational pedagogies deployed widely in the U.S. -- most notably (i) the study of judicial opinions through the Socratic Method, (ii) the development of research, writing, and oral advocacy skills through a legal practice program, and (iii) the development of an acute sense of professional responsibility through classroom courses and live-client clinical experiences.

The Juris Master program emphasizes the development of deep expertise in Chinese law, through Chinese-language instruction by some of the leading academic figures in mainland China.

Further information about STL may be found at the school's website:

To learn about the LSAT-STL, a standardized test required for admission to STL, please click here.